Jerry Siegan – An Artistic Intersection



My artwork is the intersection of two contrasting art expressions – Abstract Expressionism which inspires rich, complex backgrounds, deep with texture and intricate layers and contrasting Zen Brush Painting, with minimal foregrounds images that are crafted using the ancient technique of Zen Brush Painting, a calligraphic art-form that channels true creativity through “mu-shin,” a meditative state beyond thought, emotions, and expectations.

Expanding Influences

The fluid, calligraphic brush strokes of Zen Brush Painting focus on the basic elements of art, specifically line, shape and space. “Enso” circles are used in Zen Brush Painting to symbolize infinity, the absolute, the true nature of existence and enlightenment. The two expressions are balanced resulting in a simple harmonious and ethereal, yet complex, work of art. I am a self-taught award-winning artist.


I have been painting for more than 15 years. Please check out my work at


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