Chicago – October 19, 2019

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Perhaps my Chicago comrades recall Len O’Connor.

Everybody now “And I…am Len O’Connor.” You did the nasal voice too, didn’t you?

Len was a heavy set gentleman with an owlish countenance. If you turned the sound off, you could tell it was an opinion by watching Len O’Connor speak. He had a trademark delivery. Chicago’s NBC affiliate, WMAQ, gave Len a few minutes at the end of prime time news for an acerbic take-down of machine politics. It was always contemporary and usually newsworthy, but never regarded greater than a commentary. News was news and opinion was opinion. I was not confused.

And now fact and fiction are conditional? Why? I questioned it is a simple case of excess. Pulling at threads, I turned to the legendary “Fairness Doctrine” for a policy history and wandered into the First Amendment, the Telecommunications Act, the FCC, conservative talk radio, cable distribution, and the internet, to mention only a few.

And now revelations at Facebook. The investigation of Facebook is shifting daily and Mark Zuckerberg faces the inevitable. Big change is coming.

We talk about it in the November edition of Central Standard Time.