Chicago – January 7, 2019


Welcome the New Year! Renewal is a worthy theme.

From a personal perspective, I recently celebrated a milestone birthday. Something about the Obsessive/Compulsive personality makes much ado about round numbers and my 70th year stimulates both joy and angst. I will never be the child prodigy my mother hoped for. Still, I’m here and able to have a few moments of fun with my friends. It all worked out rather well. My daughter counsels “Own it, Dad.”

Retirement from the music business is a curious change. It has been an adult lifetime in the studio working with some of the best in the business. I’m grateful. Perhaps it’s time to be a critic! If Neil Tesser and Howard Reich are reading, I promise you will be a part of the greater dialog!

Most of all, let’s resolve to be a kinder to one another and enjoy every day. Get a walk in. Leave good things where we pass. This month’s gallery of writers does so with their usual aplomb. We are so happy you are here.

List-O-Mania – Brule Eagan


It’s the Top 10 Countdown! – John Zielinski


Stage Fright – Michelle Jackson Jewell

tom & michelle tango (2)

A 2019 Challenge To Myself – Marc Piane


Calm In The Chaos – Rainee Denham

From the porthole window of a vessel in a rough sea

Less Than Two Years To Go – Steve Buschbacher

january article picture

The Chill On The Infield – Tom DeMichael


The Publisher’s Desk – Joe Tortorici