by Greg King

Make no mistake. There is an ongoing attempt to rig this election. And it won’t stop there.

Politics is a dirty business. It has always been so. Our Founders understood the new Republic could be mean and clamorous. The Entry is a 1789 cartoon that depicted George Washington riding a donkey into New York. It was distributed during Washington’s inauguration and the gist was old George was an ass who didn’t deserve the first Presidency. They knew that they had birthed one nation with many voices and they guaranteed that all voices would be equally protected. That is what makes us such a resilient people. But this election cycle is the culmination of years of work to stifle the system and cheat the people out of an honest and fair election by slandering the truth and suppressing our right to cast a vote.

The seeds of this fix were sown way back with Nixon and the Silent Majority. Smart Republicans saw that the Civil Rights movement, the Peace Movement and the Equal Rights movement were shrinking their base. Then Nixon was forced to leave office over some very dirty tricks. Old conservatism was on the ropes. Battered and desperate they embraced the Southern Strategy and their new star became Lee Atwater. Atwater pushed for the scorched earth tactic of lying then repeating those lies often and with high volume until they became accepted truth.

Atwater became the guitar playing dark master of dirty tricks. His greatest achievement came while managing George H.W. Bush’s 1988 presidential campaign when he developed an ad linking Governor Dukakis to released convict, rapist and murderer, Willie Horton. Truth became the enemy. Lies became the weapon. Win at all costs became the mantra.

This game plan has brought to us the election we face in just over a week. Liberalism has been successfully demonized by an ‘alternative’ media empire that has only gotten meaner over the years. And any idea that doesn’t fit the so tight agenda of the right is not only wrong, it’s anti-America and evil.

From Rush Limbaugh calling an innocent 12-yer-old Chelsea Clinton “the White House dog.” To the 46 murders blamed on the “Clinton Mafia”. From Whitewater through the Star Report and the Birther movement. From the 70 million dollar investigations of Benghazi to the never-ending email investigations. From the reports of Hillary’s alien love child to claims that she has brain cancer. All of it designed to rig elections by slander and lies. Add to this the voter suppression attempts and backroom redistricting and you have one party trying to rig elections. Yes, there is an attempt to rig this election and it’s the Republican Party behind it all.

Vote your conscience.