Paul Chen

Foggy Park

The conceptual eye of Paul Chen finds art because it must. For a year, I have badgered my friend for content. At last, the right time and place are here. 

My sibling passed along an adage that ideally serves this album:

“It’s the Indian, not the arrow.”

TreeFlection 3

The Fog –

Sunday, January 21st was an unusually foggy day in our fair city. After visiting friends at the Hancock, I was on the verge of getting on a bus for home, when I looked around the skyscrapers and buildings on Michigan Ave all shrouded in this misty fog, and decided to walk instead – fact that it was in the 40’s helped. These were pictures snapped with the phone, and adjusted in Photoshop. Sometimes the best camera is the camera you happened to have with you, and I couldn’t have planned it any better. – Paul

Foggy Mag’


Foggy Brauer
Foggy Day
On Foggy Pond
Queen of Her Domain
Paul Chen



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