Me, Too

Me Too

by Michelle Jewell

This is your question for us.

Why do you?
Why didn’t you?
Why can’t you?
Why must you?

Do you not see that we are tired?

Tired of being questioned, tired of justifying, tired of examining how it is our fault, tired of needing to.

We are tired of keeping our secrets.

We are tired of bearing in silence that which pains us, but that which we feel no one else wants to hear.

We are tired of living in anger, in fear. Tired of not living at all.

We are tired of playing the game that has been laid out before us.

We are tired of going through the motions.

We are tired of fighting, of needing to fight.

Fighting our abusers, fighting our detractors, fighting our disbelievers, fighting our unearned guilt, shame and sadness.

But we continue to fight. Every day.

We fight when we dress every morning.

We fight at work
at school
on the bus
on the train
in the car
on the street
at the store
on the phone
some of us must fight at home – our supposed place of refuge.

We fight for ourselves, our daughters, our sisters, our mothers, our friends – your wives, your daughters, your girlfriends, your sisters, your mothers, your friends.

We fight to pick those up who can no longer fight; we fight to carry those who have fallen or been beat down. We fight for those who have lost the will to fight.

We are stronger than you think. We cannot stay silent forever. The dam will burst, there are cracks even now.

A surge that will free many and may drown some.

We will stand at each others’ sides, on each other’s shoulders, hold each other’s hands, speak each other’s names as the truth rushes around us.

We will not be forgotten. We will not be trodden. We will not be broken.

We will not be silenced to allow your comfort and complacency.

We have questions, too.
Why did you?
Why do you?
Why must you?
How can you?

Do you not hear us?

You will.



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