Less Than Two Years To Go

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by Steve Buschbacher

As we enter 2019, I have mixed feelings. On one hand, we still have a self-aggrandizing buffoon in the White House with the moral compass of a spoiled 12 year old brat. On the other hand, we now have a House of Representatives with a Democratic majority so it is far less likely that we will see any more deficit killing giveaways to the super rich being force fed to the middle class as a “tax break”.

Unless he is impeached or he resigns, the above-referenced buffoon will run again in 2020. His ego will allow nothing less. His followers, hereinafter referred to as Cult45, will also accept nothing less. The biggest question in 2019 is who will step forward to lead the Democrats?

The Democrats had better get it together if they hope to install someone with the strength to pull our country out of the mess that has been created. Right now, all I’m hearing is rumblings of the same old names. Guys, that didn’t work in 2016, do you really want to bank on that again. Do you really like the idea of the Beverly Hillbillies running the show for 4 more years? As Ronnie Raygun once said, “Can anyone look at our reduced standing in the world today and say, ‘Let’s have four more years of this?’”

Our nation is the laughing stock of the world. The President can not utter a complete sentence. Hate groups and Nazis have safe harbor in our country now. All for what? To feed a million dollar ego? Do the Democrats think the same old same old will work? The tax giveaway a year ago ballooned the deficit and then little Mitchie McConnell tried blaming it on Democratic spending even though the Republicans held both houses at the time. Yet Cult45 believed it. Do the Democrats really think the same old same old will work?

We need new leadership. A bright shining light that can coalesce our divergent liberal masses into a force to win an election and push our country out of the darkness. We had such a leader in Barack Obama. We need someone new now. We do not need a retread of the old ideas and plans of 2016. A reminder to Democratic leadership …. You lost the Presidency in 2016, you did not gain control of either house in 2016, and now there is a conservative majority in the Supreme Court for at least a generation. Erase the blackboard and start over.

Who will that be? I am waiting for someone. At one point, I thought Julian Castro might step forward. He has been very quiet though. (Can you imagine the attack ads about electing a man named “Castro” as President? That’s how they roll though. Ya know?)

Beto O’Rourke got a lot of ink and almost defeated Ted Cruz in Texas. O’Rourke shows us the voice of reason. He delivers thoughtful responses and appeals to our intellect and our humanity. But does he have what it takes on the national stage?

Who else? I also really like Kamala Harris. She has demonstrated that she is not afraid to stand up to anyone and that she has a clear progressive agenda. Can she win in the battleground states?

The bigger point is that the Democrats need to rally behind the candidate. I mean really get behind them. The undecided voters (honestly, though, who can really be undecided after four years of the Keystone Cops in DC?) need to see a united Democratic party or else the opposition will be ready to attack the weaknesses. The right wing spin cycle is vicious. The PAC money will pour into the election to accuse O’Rourke of throwing his ice cream bar wrapper on the ground once to prove that he actually cares nothing for the planet or that Harris once left a restaurant without leaving a tip clearly demonstrating that she has little regard for the working people of our nation. It won’t matter if these are true or not. Cult45 believes what they are told. The first job of a cult is to convince its members that everyone else is lying to them

We have many needs right now. Our country has fractures that require a healing touch. Reason must once again rule the land. Our leaders need to speak out forcefully against hate in all forms. Our leaders need to show us that they believe in the whole country and not just the privileged few. Our leaders must not sew the seeds of hate in a country whose generative document says that we are all created equal. Our leaders must not make up “facts” that they never expect to have to prove. I am tired of projecting a stream of obscenities at the TV every time the buffoon is on before I can hit the “mute” button.

What I really want, though, is very simple. What I ask can best be described in two words. My message to the Democrats in 2020 is this – “Just win.”


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