Chef Joseph Gardewin – Food #7

Welcome to Joe! If you are lucky enough to be among his contacts, you know food is only one facet of this prosaic thinker.


Brussels sprouts

This is a dish my sister asks me to bring to the annual Thanksgiving get together which happens at her daughter’s in Delaware, Ohio. I do not know about you, but both my sisters have a real ‘presence,’ so I do what I am told.


This is what I do:

Middle of October, watch Facebook to see when my favorite farmer’s stand puts Brussels sprouts on the stalk on sale. Then, I go off and buy them. At home I cut the sports off the stalk, divide them into similar sized piles, and give them a rinse let them drain. I cut the larger ones in half. Then I blanch them in well salted boiling water. With the water comes to a boil I get a big ice water bath ready for them in a large mixing bowl. Once there is a good rolling boil, I watch them till they turn a dark green. That normally takes 60 to 75 seconds or so. Then I scoop em out and put them in the ice water bath to stop the cooking process. It normally takes me three blanches. Once cooled, I drain them in a colander. Once drained then go into freezer bags and into my freezer. Then I smile, cuz the hard part is done.


Okay, fast forward to the day before Thanksgiving. I take the sprouts out of the freezer to thaw in my refrigerator.

Thanksgiving morning. I sauté some good bacon … three or four slices or good Canadian bacon in my Dutch oven. Of course I cut the bacon and /or Canadian bacon up into maybe inch pieces before I sauté. I season with a little salt and New Mexico chili powder (you should season with whatever you like … New Mexico chili powder is more about flavor than heat.) I add the Brussel Sprouts before the bacon is fully crisp and sauté them for maybe two minutes. I want them a little under-cooked because they are gonna be reheated at my nieces house. If I were eating at home I would sauté them until just tender. I want texture in my Brussels sprouts.


Are they good? Well, I have never been able to take any back home cuz they all get eaten and I make plenty.


Brussel Sprouts


New Mexico Chili powder


IMG_6349 crop
Joseph Gardewin

Bio – United States Air Force, almost a career, 27 years 4 months, all over the world. Social studies teacher 10 years, last seven at Sacred Hearts Academy in Honolulu. Yup US History and Asian Studies. Current responsibilities include: daily box cleaning, combing and feeding the cat, explaining why clawing the rug is not good, and petting the cat when allows.

We are happy to link Joe’s work throughout the internet:

Joseph’s Reviews for Goodreads.



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