Chicago – March 1, 2019


What better image illustrates the bone-cracking, sub-zero temperatures we have experienced? My sibling, Joan Tortorici Ruppert, is always on the hunt for a unique vision. This is a bubble freeze, with the help of ultraviolet ink and a black light…add some serious cold and an equal portion of commitment, of course!

We in the Midwest keep an eye on the month of March for schizophrenic swings of weather. Things change, we endure. All the more fortuitous time to jot some notes to ourselves and each other. Central Standard Time exists as a meeting place to share thoughts and ask questions. The daily informational zeitgeist flooding the ether descends into repetition, every space, every second needs to be filled with the drone of someone unable to stop speaking long enough to think. We, however, are here to include your ideas and reflections.

Use the contact page or comment on the articles you read. We love to hear from you.

Central Standard Time is proud to support Marc Piane’s fundraiser for MS. Join us and see an end to this malady in our lifetime.


Bike MS: Tour de Farms 2019

SpaceX Update – Brule Eagan

Pic 1

Show Me The Money – John Zielinski


Definition – Michelle Jewell


Human Training – Rainee Denham

Final Ginger 4x5

Is It Enough Yet? – Steve Buschbacher


Vegan Gluten/Dairy-Free Chocolate Cupcakes – Michelle Jewell




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