Chicago – February 17, 2018

Photography by Paul Chen

Welcome to the February 17th edition of Central Standard Time. Grab your morning cup and join the crew for a quiet moment of reading in this week of somber news. The coming March issue will stimulate many discussions regarding all we see and hear in this world of digital media. Stay tuned.

With that thought in mind, Steve Buschbacher penned a moving article about loss and the serious matter of accountability. Please take a moment with “When Is It Enough.”

I want to introduce my Chicago music community to Francis Buckley. My friend Francis is not only one of the top engineer/producers in Los Angeles, he is a Detroit native that brought Midwestern sensibilities with him to the Land of Oz.

Just when you thought you knew all about Marc Piane… wrong. Chef Marc is in the kitchen with a bottle of wine and a dozen eggs. What could go wrong? Nothing! All is tasty in Food #3. Don’t miss this one.

Follow the adventures of a young man in the city as he discovers some hard and valuable lessons about truth. “The Altar Boy” is a message of love from father to son. I hope you enjoy it.

Please stop by the many articles featured throughout February. A summary of Food articles will begin in March. As a wise man once said “A splendid time is guaranteed for all.”

In Search of the Lost Chord” – John Zielinski.

Why Baseball?” – Tom DeMichael 

Inspiration” – Billy Denk 

A Creative Life” – Erin Denk 

Feeding My Soul” – Steve Buschbacher 

A Radio Life” – Brule Eagan 

Origin” – Marc Piane 

Photography by Paul Chen


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