Summer Breeze…

Wish you were here…

…and not a moment too soon.

Welcome to the June edition. We revel in the coming of pleasant temperatures and sunny skies. The briefest getaways take on the gravity of great expectations…every moment counts! Let’s make it so.

City dwellers, such as myself, participate in an additional custom this time of year…road construction. My neighborhood is easily compared to the pit of hell for drivers, cyclers, and pedestrians alike. No, your GPS can’t keep up with closures, so don’t even try. Successful detours are for experienced neighborhood commuters as small side-streets and alley-ways become the secret passages to reach your destination. It’s an art.

As temperatures an humidity rise, the savvy population takes to the wooded areas that dot our environment. Great care is taken to provide these preserves as an oasis of sanity and depressurization for a harried urbanite. On the most muggy mornings, I can get on my bike and take a short run through the local Forest Preserve Trail. A moderate pace under the canopy of tall Elms surpasses any mechanical air-conditioner man can devise. Indeed, every moment counts.

John Zielinski is here with a wonderful essay near and dear to my heart…audio. But wait! John takes it one step deeper, as always. A great read in “I know What I Like…”

From the Publisher’s Desk, a review of the current environmental crisis and some very important, over-looked consequences of the “low-carbon” culture. A demon lurks in our midst disguised as a solution…it is not. Take a Moment with “The Nuclear Stain” and recall what the Hippies were protesting about fifty years ago. The truth is timeless.

Relax and pour a cup of your favorite bean. Join us for good conversation and the occasional spontaneous grin.


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